Freight Accrual, Audit & Payment

Allowing LMR to manage your freight invoice process can produce immediate savings. Our experienced and knowledgeable Account Representatives audit each invoice using pre-defined payment parameters.

  • Carrier invoice audit tolerance set to +/- $5.00
  • Terms to carriers can vary, based on client/LMR specific agreements
  • Weekly, consolidated invoice submitted electronically reflecting all charges for the previous week

All invoice errors are documented in LMR’s adjustment database triggering an immediate notification to the carrier containing a detailed explanation describing the error found, what the correct invoice amount should have been, and a request for an adjusted invoice.

  • Adjustment notifications to carriers occur on a per-invoice basis – eliminating past due receivables

Our standard process, implemented with all carriers, is to establish a client-specific pre-approval process outlining the standard rules governing what can be invoiced and under what circumstances.

  • Detention
  • Out-of-route
  • Layovers
  • Returns/reconsignments

At LMR all documents related to your shipments are stored electronically in our in-house imaging system, should you require access or review to these documents at a later date.

  • Bill of Lading
  • Manifests
  • Detention documents
  • Back-up E-mails

Our focus on correct billing and timely payment has provided our customers with ongoing savings, including post-RFP implementation.