Order Tender & Capacity Management

LMR can manage your daily order transactions, including both ‘standard’ and ‘emergency/rush’ orders, thereby providing you, our client, the true value of focusing on the strategic aspects of Supply Chain management.

At LMR, we lower costs and improve asset efficiencies using order-tender forecasting models, combined with our proprietary load optimization and routing software to match market-place capacity with our client’s order demand.

Order Tender

  • Automated and manual receipt from client
  • Automated and manual tender to carrier
  • Shipping instructions template by lane
  • Continuous review for accuracy
  • Load fulfillment to delivery

Pricing and Bid/RFP Management

A critical service, delivering strategic value to all clients, is the management and execution of Bids/RFP’s. Our standard methodology is to include all of your current carriers, plus all LMR carriers in this process.

  • Price and capacity commitments summarized and provided to client
  • LMR will negotiate standardized transportation contracts with all selected carriers, subject to client approval
    • Standardized fuel surcharge and accessorials
    • Specific terms (i.e. 1 year, 3 year, etc.)
  • Contracts and carriers managed by client and/or LMR
  • LMR can manage individual lane pricing requests, direct with carriers
    • 1-3 Year carrier contracts
    • Standardized FSC and Accessorial charges with each carrier


  • Open-order reports
    • Carrier capacity commitment
    • Order demand matched with carrier capacity
    • Red-flag notifications to clients
  • Historical order demand patterns
  • Project customers’ next order
  • Red-flag notifications to clients


  • Match carrier assets with client orders
    • Back Hauls
    • Re-Loads
    • Day Rates
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased asset efficiencies

Emergency/Rush Orders

  • E-Mail notification sent simultaneously to:
    • >1,800 motor carrier contacts
    • >700 truckload carrier contacts
    • >600 bulk carrier contacts
    • >500 waste carrier contacts
  • Primary carrier response required within 30-minutes from tender