TMS & Technical Support


At LMR our Transportation Management System is unique because it is fully developed and maintained in-house. What this means to you, our customer, is a system that is customized, based on your needs and requirements.

Because our system is managed by LMR personnel, we can provide real-time standard and customized reporting solutions, implementing changes on an as-needed basis, usually within a few business days of the request.

Our TMS is tailored to each client and will always remain flexible, thereby eliminating the need to wait for ‘next-generation’ updates. We recognize time = money. The faster we respond with solutions, the quicker you can plan and execute your next strategic Supply Chain initiative.

Customized Transmissions, Formats

  • Multiple platforms (SAP, Oracle, Sharepoint)
  • Multiple EDI formats (ANSI Standard, XML, flat files)
  • Multiple file types (order tenders, acknowledgements, accruals, invoices)
  • Direct, secure hosting of FTP

Automated Communications

  • Shipment Notifications
  • Invoice audits
  • Rating functionality
  • Carrier routing
  • E-Mail notifications

Data Management

  • Carrier routes / rates / compliance
  • Carrier Service Performance
  • Shipment tracking / tracing
  • Historical shipment costs by item
  • Mileage calculations
  • Web-based visibility

Customer Web Portal

  • Self service
  • Customized reporting tools
  • On-line carrier profiles
  • Stored data access
  • Order creation/edit capability
  • No client platform required
  • Accessible via

Outsource to a 3PL

Lower up-front cost Continual outsource cost
Short time to value Requires SAP order interface
Minimal IT dependency  
Continuous innovation  
Pay for what is used  
Built-in experience  

License and Manage Internally

Controlled operations staff for training/management Higher up-front costs
Controlled IT resources for implementation/maintenance Longer, complex time to value
Low licensing cost Continual maintenance and/or leasing costs
  Requires internal IT resources
  Requires trained staff to manage and operate